Charlie Wright
SWSS President

Charlie is 23 and studying for a BA Art History. They're the current president of the Sex Worker Solidarity Society, are serving on the committee of LGBTQ+ Soc and TableTop Soc, and are wondering why they decided to ensure they had no free time. They like Dungeons and Dragons, playing The Sims 2, and being inside.

My Works:

Second SWSS Art Show
Photo Credit: Alice Garwood

“So, what is, um, this?” The girl, who had only swerved toward my table in order to avoid the gentle but insistent members of The Gideon International handing out copies of the New Testament across from me, gestured to the sign hanging behind my head. Sex Worker Solidarity Society it read, clear in white and red. What was less clear, then and perhaps now, was the meaning and the purpose behind such a society.

My name is Charlie Wright, and I am the second and current president of the Sex Worker Solidarity Society (SWSS for brevity). I mention that I am the second president because we are a new society, indeed the first society of our kind. This means that we have no blueprint for activity and are forging new ground, if you want to be romantic, or muddling along as best we can if you want to be realistic.

The point of us, in a sentence, is to be a focal point and space for sex worker support and sex workers’ rights activity on campus. In practical terms we will be holding meetings and events to facilitate this; for example last year we ran a