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What is a Hackathon? This was a question that was posed to me on my way back from winning an award at a 2 day hackathon in Birmingham. Funnily enough I was lost for words as to how to explain what I thought was a very simple concept. When I had initially told my parents that I was attending a hackathon their minds went straight to the stereotypical image of a room full of nerds on laptops trying to figure out how crack different implementations of cybersecurity. A friend told me, “A Hackathon is an invention marathon - it is an event in which a group of people from different backgrounds and skills come together and work to bring an idea to life.”

The word ‘hack’ in modern society has commonly been linked to many controversial stories in the news. From Russian hackers allegedly affecting the recent American election to celebrity nudes being leaked, hacking has been associated with a very small criminal contingent. For the majority of us, the computing enthusiasts, hacking is the act of putting together a solution in the quickest and often crudest way. A challenge is set at a hackathon, attendees work as individuals