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picture of NUS mandate approval
Photo Credit to National Union of Students'

On Tuesday 4th October, Goldsmiths students made the London snapchat story for protesting outside of Deptford Town Hall during a meeting of the Finance Resources Committee. In this meeting, it was decided that Goldsmiths University would increase its fees for new students. This has upset students and staff alike, but before we start planning what our next move will be, let’s remind ourselves why this increase has happened and how poorly the Conservatives understand real people.

At about 1am on 5th November 2015, Jo Johnson, the Minister of Universities and Science and brother of Boris Johnson, announced the Tory government's Green Paper on Newsnight. Johnson claimed that these reforms would have the students' voice at the heart of them and that they would work to further improve access to HE. Following consultations and second readings, a white paper, and an HE Bill, these reforms remain relatively unchanged, and are sadly still working to accelerate the marketisation of University, something made possible through the introduction of the Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF).

We can all agree that teaching excellence is something that universities should be striving towards, and it's also something that students can help