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The evening of the 10th November saw The Stretch host an anti-apathy panel to discuss some of the most worrying aspects of our contemporary political and social climate. Primarily, the divide between those who have been invigorated to action by the wrongs that they are perceiving in contemporary society and those who have fallen into the malaise of disenchantment with the political system. The panel consisted of representatives from Rent Strike, Black Lives Matter UK, Anti Raids Network and Movement for Justice by Any Means Necessary. The discussion began with an introduction by the curator of the panel Liv Wynter, addressing the apathy that she has witnessed at Goldsmiths, stating that this lack of concern is grounded in the image-consciousness and advantage of privilege among many students who are willing to pay only lip service to finding a solution to today’s issues rather than taking action to resolve them. “These are the people who will tell you for 45 minutes how to change the world but have no interest implementing that and putting it into practice. These are people who will remain apathetic until directly affected,” stated Wynter.

The floor was then handed over to Liam Renouf who was representing