Jamie Barton
Politics / Culture

Jamie is currently on his third year of studying BA Politics at Goldsmiths College, and is the new Editor-In-Chief at The Leopard. His primary interests for The Leopard are about website design, student engagement and promoting awareness for student-led causes at Goldsmiths.

Over this summer, he has been working closely with website developer William Chanter to create a new website for The Leopard. They both wanted to move away from WordPress and decided to create a unique, custom-built site for students to do so. This site aims to act as a space for networking, allowing students to participate in the curation of the newspaper in experimental ways. Following from this, Jamie hopes to encourage students to take an active role in their university newspaper, broadening our investigation of Goldsmiths, New Cross and the communities of South East London.

Whilst Editor-In-Chief, he plans to oversee two published editions of The Leopard, and curate our first event following 2017. For any more information, or if you would like to get involved, please e-mail him at leopard@goldsmithssu.org