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I just moved to London from California, i'm a first year english student here. I am the new music editor and enjoy writing about music and art.

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A photograph of The Cure taken by me

This past weekend I went to see The Cure at the Wembley Arena. I met a new friend, gained a new accessory and lost a new t-shirt. Overall to say it was an incredible experience is a vast understatement. I think I am still caught in a Robert Smith induced daze...The concert was a whopping three hours long. Not to mention I spent an additional five hours waiting in line outside in the blistering cold (worth it.) The standing ticket was general admission so I figured I should queue early, however I was not prepared for the cold and the eventually aching of my frozen toes. No real complaints though, I was second row from the barricade to see my favorite band of all time. The Cure is a gothic/pop/rock band that formed in Crawley in the late seventies. Some of their most popular songs are “Boys Don’t Cry” and “Friday I’m In Love.” At the concert their setlist spanned over the decades of hits in their career, playing tracks from their earliest albums to their latest. My favorite song to hear live was “Lullaby”, the doomy and catchy tune was surreal to hear in person. Robert Smith (the