Journalist, mother and MA student Elizabeth McFarlane is anecdotal and nostalgic upon returning to university.

Elizabeth at the University of East Anglia, 1988.
Elizabeth at the University of East Anglia, 1988.


I'm a student again after 30 years and can't believe my luck. I stroll round the campus feeling twenty years younger, half expecting someone to tap me on the shoulder and ask me to leave. But I'm allowed here, incredibly, to do an MA in Creative and Life Writing. The last time I was on a campus I was wearing leg warmers, Kylie Minogue was singing I Should Be So Lucky (Lucky, Lucky, Lucky) and Maggie Thatcher was having a barney with some miners, unluckily for them.

On my first day I line up in the main building to register and there's an 18-year-old boy behind me not dissimilar to the one I have who is registering at another university in another part of the country. How weird is that? There are three of us in this family at university at the same time. We could start our own Soc. If we weren't hundreds of miles apart.

"What documents do we need?" the boy asks me.




"Well," I say, "I have my degree certificate, but

IYISL frontage

Deptford's Iyengar Yoga Institute South London will be hosting a discounted workshop on Sunday 25th February, with a student price of £20 for a full day including vegetarian lunch.

The Iyengar Yoga Institute South London is instantly recognisable at 470 New Cross Road and contrasts the busy chaos of Deptford and New Cross. It was opened by B.K.S. Iyengar in December 1995, before yoga’s surge in celebrity attention, and is run by members of the local community. 

Marion Sinclair, who took over management of the Institute at the beginning of last year, said, ‘From the time it first opened in New Cross the aim was to make yoga accessible to everyone.

‘The Institute has always had a huge mix of yoga students – all ages and backgrounds reflecting the mix of people who live in Deptford and the surrounding areas.’

Originally the site of the New Cross Building Society, the Institute has seen the local area expand and grow over time.

‘We have seen Deptford starting to change over the past few years – at the moment the addition of new cafes and shops adds positively to what is a diverse vibrant area. We want it to stay that way.’

Iyengar Yoga