ORKA, Pic: Ashley Carter

As I enter the unassuming New Cross church which is hosting the second monthly Resolution event, I’m immediately unsure if I’ve got the right room. Through the pitch black, I can just about distinguish a handful of silhouettes lying motionless, as if hypnotised by what is at this point a faint, droning ambience. It slowly blossoms into a delicate, welcoming soundscape and I’m made aware by a stark projection on the back wall that it is, in fact, an ambient piece by one of Resolution’s three founders, Charles Vaughn.

This self-sufficient thread runs through all facets of Resolution, making it all the more surprising when the first live act of the evening Henrik Blomfelt - himself an architect of Resolution - has his set amplified by an intricate surround-sound setup designed by the boys themselves and complimented by a live video performance from the night’s third mastermind Ed Cain. Blomfelt’s delicate and considered ambient exploration is mirrored in atmosphere by Cain’s visual, and the impression is of a singular artwork that has taken meticulous preparation. I later learn that Blomfelt totally rethought his set just half an hour before playing, which soundly demonstrates why his is a name worth remembering.


SouthBound Festival, November 17th-18th at the SU.

The festival, run by Goldsmiths Music Society, will run on November 17th-18th at the SU.

The student-run SouthBound Festival will return to Goldsmiths next week. Andrew Rolland, the BMus Music graduate heading up the team, said, ‘We started it last year, it was all about giving students the opportunity to practice and perform.’

And this time it’s set to be a much bigger affair. It’s now ticketed, open to the public, and acts now include notable alumni alongside current students. ‘This year we wanted to show the progression from students to alumni, and encourage people to put themselves forward a bit more, and see where and how you can develop as a musician.

‘There’s a much better mix of genres of music, but also people who have just started playing live who are still students at uni, and much more seasoned players who are alumni now and still want to keep going with what they’re doing.’

Such alumni acts include: D.A.N, Bubbles, Tony Njoku, and Rosie Everett, with headliners Temptress and Noctürn. DJs to look out for include Natalie Sandi, Jamie Rosso, Iagö, and Blasé Vanguard. No Blur, alas.

SouthBound will be held at the SU across two stages. Upstairs