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As I enter the unassuming New Cross church which is hosting the second monthly Resolution event, I’m immediately unsure if I’ve got the right room. Through the pitch black, I can just about distinguish a handful of silhouettes lying motionless, as if hypnotised by what is at this point a faint, droning ambience. It slowly blossoms into a delicate, welcoming soundscape and I’m made aware by a stark projection on the back wall that it is, in fact, an ambient piece by one of Resolution’s three founders, Charles Vaughn.

This self-sufficient thread runs through all facets of Resolution, making it all the more surprising when the first live act of the evening Henrik Blomfelt - himself an architect of Resolution - has his set amplified by an intricate surround-sound setup designed by the boys themselves and complimented by a live video performance from the night’s third mastermind Ed Cain. Blomfelt’s delicate and considered ambient exploration is mirrored in atmosphere by Cain’s visual, and the impression is of a singular artwork that has taken meticulous preparation. I later learn that Blomfelt totally rethought his set just half an hour before playing, which soundly demonstrates why his is a name worth remembering.


Journalist, mother and MA student Elizabeth McFarlane is anecdotal and nostalgic upon returning to university.

Elizabeth at the University of East Anglia, 1988.
Elizabeth at the University of East Anglia, 1988.


I'm a student again after 30 years and can't believe my luck. I stroll round the campus feeling twenty years younger, half expecting someone to tap me on the shoulder and ask me to leave. But I'm allowed here, incredibly, to do an MA in Creative and Life Writing. The last time I was on a campus I was wearing leg warmers, Kylie Minogue was singing I Should Be So Lucky (Lucky, Lucky, Lucky) and Maggie Thatcher was having a barney with some miners, unluckily for them.

On my first day I line up in the main building to register and there's an 18-year-old boy behind me not dissimilar to the one I have who is registering at another university in another part of the country. How weird is that? There are three of us in this family at university at the same time. We could start our own Soc. If we weren't hundreds of miles apart.

"What documents do we need?" the boy asks me.




"Well," I say, "I have my degree certificate, but


Saint Torrente, friend to all animals


...Commands is a new section hosting artist-curated playlists for artist-invented scenarios. To start us off, pop heartthrob Saint Torrente compiles his perfect New Year's Eve playlist and nominates our next victim.


This is a song about the young Lady Gaga moving downtown to become a superstar on the NYC scene. Take a leaf out of her book at ur NYE party and be less of a damn slob! It’s complex with a weird art title, bitch! Get ur jush!


Catch Noonie Bao singing about “wanting it all” while evoking and critiquing(?) capitalism on this fucking fierce track! NYE VIBE!


Bree Runway says “I don’t wanna be a weak bitch anymore!” in one coy little dramatic phone call moment. The queen of the people. Quote Bree Runway every day in the new year, you need it!


Look, I like Pharrell, he makes unusual musical choices, looks 25 despite being heavily into his 40s. This Xmas my aunties had a discussion about his skincare regimen... LIGHTNING FIRE MAGIC PRAYER IS A