So it’s official. Britain is leaving the EU and as a nation has officially given its blessing to the rampant nationalism that has been plaguing the continent for the last few years.
Though there has been a lot of chat in regards to the motivations of Leave voters I can’t help but believe that it goes little beyond the pathetic and unrealistic desire to restore Britain to its former imperial glory. Remember when colonialism was all the rage and slavery was cool? Yep, that’s the “Great” Britain I remember too. Of course along with that came incalculable wealth and world dominance but at what price? War, rape and pillaging I believe were key factors in maintaining that position.
Well, I’m probably getting ahead of myself, I mean it is 2016 after all; now it’s all about small-scale hate crimes and subtle racism.
Now that I’ve got my initial rant out of the way, I’d just like to give a little context to my outburst. I was born in Germany to German parents but moved to the UK when I was the tender age of five. My mum basically won the lottery of employment opportunities and secured a

A banner saying 'FUCK FEES'
Photo Credit: Kate Bradley

Tuition Fees. They are the bane of my very existence and the thought of a lifetime of debt, having to work mind numbing office jobs, is enough to drive you insane. Well the government has come up with a solution to my nightmares: More Debt! Personally I cannot wait for this, but for all of you who cry at the thought here is what is going to happen.

The Government proposes (it’s currently not legislation although it will be by the end of this academic year) allowing universities to raise their fees by the rate of inflation; so only an extra £250 at the moment. This will then rise over the following years, eventually reaching over £10,000 by 2020. There is a catch to this rise though, and that is the fact that it is merit based. The Government published a list of universities and colleges that meet the requirements to be able to raise their fees in 2017, and Goldsmiths was among them.

All of the above seems bad but the White Paper, which outlines these “reforms”, paints a very dark picture for the future state of our university education that goes beyond fees. The