LGBTQ Officers logoHey everyone! We're your LGBTQ+ Officers for this academic year. Emil, a non-binary hun with a nose ring and Charlotte a queer woman of colour with great eyebrows and a nose ring.

So last year during elections, we ran our campaign under the slogan 'Make change, look cute!' It was mostly comical, but actually reflects how we both want to navigate political spaces as LGBTQ+ folk- during our time as officers we want to focus equally on making tangible political change that benefits LGBTQ+ students on campus, and remembering to celebrate how fucking amazing, resilient, creative and beautiful we are. Making that change and celebrating our queerness while we do. 💅🏻💅🏽

This means over the year we're going to facilitate and help run student led campaigns, as well as parties and celebrations that showcase LGBTQ+ huns at our best. We're gonna be running our own projects and events but will be working closely with the LGBTQ+ Society and the other liberation officers to make sure that we accurately reflect what the student body wants. Point is, if you got ideas HIT US UPPPP. Send us an email, come see us at our drop in, it can be anything from hosting