So, you’ve watched Blue Planet II and promised yourself that you'd recycle more when you saw that turtle fighting for its life after getting trapped in a plastic bag, but maybe you’ve struggled to keep that promise with yourself. Here are some quick and easy ways to be more sustainable on campus…

 David Attenborough bein' all cute!

(1)  Mindful recycling

You know that coffee cup you just threw smugly into the recycling bin? Stop! because contaminated food packing is not recyclable on campus, so that includes greasy pizza boxes from those all-nighters in the library. Also, food waste is not recyclable at Goldsmiths, so throw that half-eaten sushi or avocado on toast straight into the general bin.


(2) Buy a reusable water bottle

Regularly picking up bottles of water at university is not only a waste of your own money, but it is also increasing your carbon footprint. Buy a reusable one the SU shop in RHB and enjoy the abundance of water fountains in the library for FREE. You can also check out these other water fountains around campus.


(3) Bring in your own lunch

The best way to reduce your waste is to not make any in the first place! The average lunch spend is £5.00, plus the afternoon coffee treat adds up to £6.50 a day, doesn’t seem like much does it? but that’s 130 pounds a month, or 1560 for a whole year… which you could spend on that new trainer drop, some painty overalls if you’re a BA Fine Art student, or you could reinvest your money in a reusable coffee cup.


(4) Get your hands on a reusable coffee cup

Not only are these the most aesthetically pleasing way to drink coffee (#latteart), they are the most sustainable. With cafes around Goldsmiths charging an extra 20p for every hot drink bought in a paper cup, there isn’t a better time to get a reusable one. Goldsmiths threw away 323,000 single-use non-recyclable coffee cups in 2016. So, here’s a couple to treat yourself to….

KeepCup Original Reusable 12oz Coffee Cup, 340ml Buy Here ,this one is a classic with a size that fits a regular latte or cappuccino, most likely to be spotted on the top floor of the library in the postgraduate room.

Ecoffee Cup Reusable Cup, 340ml Buy Here , this is a slighter cheaper option in a neon red, if the coffee inside won’t wake you up the colour certainly will!


Goldsmiths' recycling rates are poor in comparison to other universities but the best way to achieve change is to demand it through our consumer voices. Do some research on recycling to see what is and isn't recyclable and use the correct bins! The thousands of pounds Goldsmiths spends on waste removal could be poured back being into the university.


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