No Man is an Island

It’s been a quiet couple of years for Mathilde Bataillé. Since self releasing her debut EP in 2015, the Goldsmiths student hasn’t shared so much as a hint of a new studio recording. Last year’s 'Live In Paris' EP taunted with her rapidly developing ability as a songwriter, but it’s only now, with the release of No Man is an Island, that she demonstrates a mastery of timelessness.

Though in similar thematic territory to debut EP opener Ghost, No Man is an Island’s instrumentation is of a different ilk altogether. Her guitar cascades in the same way Buckley’s did as lyrically she posits herself as an apparition; a mere observer of the hypocrisies, tribulations and tragedies that, sadly, make us who we are: “And we all claim to wear our hearts on our sleeves/But we put them away when they start to bleed”. It’s these canny remarks that set Bataillé apart from other singer/songwriters inspired by the canon of greats, remarks that could only be born in the mind of an outsider. 

Bolstered by Toby Pitts’ deft drum work, Jamie Keegan’s bass and additional guitar from Richard Hunt, No Man is an Island is a reminder that it’s only a matter of time before Bataillé is part of the canon by which she is so inspired. Stream it below.


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