LGBTQ Officers logoHey everyone! We're your LGBTQ+ Officers for this academic year. Emil, a non-binary hun with a nose ring and Charlotte a queer woman of colour with great eyebrows and a nose ring.

So last year during elections, we ran our campaign under the slogan 'Make change, look cute!' It was mostly comical, but actually reflects how we both want to navigate political spaces as LGBTQ+ folk- during our time as officers we want to focus equally on making tangible political change that benefits LGBTQ+ students on campus, and remembering to celebrate how fucking amazing, resilient, creative and beautiful we are. Making that change and celebrating our queerness while we do. 💅🏻💅🏽

This means over the year we're going to facilitate and help run student led campaigns, as well as parties and celebrations that showcase LGBTQ+ huns at our best. We're gonna be running our own projects and events but will be working closely with the LGBTQ+ Society and the other liberation officers to make sure that we accurately reflect what the student body wants. Point is, if you got ideas HIT US UPPPP. Send us an email, come see us at our drop in, it can be anything from hosting a discussion, to organising group nights out, holding a bake sale, putting on a club night or initiating the beginnings of a national campaign. If y'all wanna do it, we'll try our best to help make it happen.

Aside from providing support and help with student run projects, here are a few things we'd like to prioritise over the year-


Goldsmiths SU currently have a number of part-time officers, including 4 liberation officers- BME Officer (Suheda Top), Disabled Student's Officer (Shona Wale), Women's Officer (Stefanie Cooper) and LGBTQ Officer(s) (yours truly). This year we want to run a campaign to highlight the needs of trans students on campus which will hopefully result in a 5th role: Trans Officer. Solidarity and a sense of community are so important to us as LGBTQ+ Officers, but so is proper representation and we know there are trans students with needs that aren't being met- we think a Trans Officer is a step towards fixing this. So keep an eye out, and contact us if you want to get involved with the campaign!


One of our priorities from the very beginning has been to set up a regular drop in session- this will act as a direct point of contact between LGBTQ+ students on campus, and Goldsmiths SU 💕 We're gonna alternate weekly between an open drop in for any LGBTQ+ students, and a QTIPOC drop in specifically for LGBTQ+ students of colour. This is a chance for you to drop by if you have any issues, questions, ideas for projects or just wanna say hey. We can't promise anything but we'll probably have free cake so....


A huge issue at Goldsmiths (and academia as a whoooooole) is that so much of what we're taught is stuff from irrelevant dead white men. Ideas that have been expanded, built on, critiqued, rejected, replaced by plenty of people- many of whom are LGBTQ+ folk, women and writers of colour....

Where dey at doe?

Theres a hole in our knowledge, and we want to fill it. We're gonna be hosting a monthly book club, that isn't just a book club but a place to share readings, films, blogs, videos, resources and ideas that come from a variety of different people. In support of the #LiberateMyDegree campaign, we want to share academic texts but also provide a place to share anyyyything that ppl want their LGBTQ siblings to see. Keep an eye out for posters/facebook events, as soon as we come up with a cute name we're launching this! Believe Audre Lorde is gonna be featured heavily.


Work hard, play hard. The first performance is tonight- (10/10/16 7.30 in The Stretch) and is a Black History Month special, so come thru. Over the year we're gonna host a number of performance and club nights, making it a priority to book LGBTQ+ artists, DJs, and performers so that rather than capitalising on queerness, the events feed into the community. We want to make sure the events are accessible so some will be dry, and we'll take on feedback for future events. But if you wanna get involved/host your own night then give us a shout. 🎉


Follow us on our various platforms. You'll see a mix of campaign updates, upcoming events, and memes.

Email- LGBTQI@goldsmithssu.org

Insta- @macklemoremademedoit

Facebook- /MakeChangeLookCute