The Taekwondo Tram

The Goldsmiths Taekwondo team’s exceptional performance at past competitions precedes them, and they continue to provide great results as they have yet another incredibly successful weekend away at the Imperial Open this past Sunday. The team took nine fighters to the competition hosted by the University of East London, and brought home 7 medals; 2 gold, 2 silver and 3 bronze.

Abigail Bailey and Taha Nasir, two of Goldsmiths Taekwondo’s newest members, put on an impressive performance for the short time they had been training. Unfortunately, Abigail lost her fight receiving no medal, but this has not dampened her spirits as she looks forward to going back to training, to get ready for the next competition. Although Taha also lost his fight, he brought home a well-deserved bronze medal. Returning fighter Njabulo Mkhize had a great fight, however got tired out after the first half allowing the opponent to land several points unfortunately causing NJ to lose the fight.

The most notable fighter of the day was Teneil, who also made his debut this weekend. He won his first two fights with a massive advantage, giving away close to no points to the opponent. He walked in to the final slightly tired, but head held high and swiftly won the fight causing the team to break out into song, as he won a gold medal at his first ever taekwondo competition.

The second gold medal was won by the team Captain, Georgina Ingram. By landing several clear head shots she ended her first two fights early, putting her in a good position for her final. Although she was up against a tough opponent, Georgina held her own and won the fight, receiving the 3rd medal of the day.

The two silver medalist were B-class fighter Brad Charalambous and C-class fighter Asmana Matraimova. Brad put on a good performance winning his first fight, however conceded too many head shots in the final resulting in a silver medal. Asmana had an incredible day winning her first two fights with a major advantage, however had a tough fight in the final. Although she kept up really well with her opponent, she lost by one point therefore also resulting with a silver.

Returning C-class fighter Joanna Holmgren was put outside her element at this competition as she was placed to fight in B-class due to her weight category. Despite this, she rose to the challenge and put on an exciting fight, unfortunately she lost the fight by one point, resulting in a bronze medal. Akram Hossain also had an incredible day, pleasing the crowd with exciting fights and winning his first two fights. Unluckily he was up against a tough opponent in the semi-finals whom he lost, however still received a bronze medal.

The team is looking strong and coaches Terry Cooper and Kuzey Akses are excited to go back to training and prepare the fighters for the next biggest student competition of the year, Nationals that are in March 2017.

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