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That’s it, the world is officially ending. The people of America have just elected a fascist to be the leader of the free world. Donald Trump will be the 45th President of the United States of America. However, unless you’ve been living under a rock since the 8th of November, you probably already know that. It’s pretty earth shattering inescapable news. 


Since his election, there have been calls to empathise with his voters. Apparently, they are confused and left behind by the previous generation of politicians. Erm, how about nah? I mean, I understand hatred doesn’t solve hatred, but I do blame the voters, who clearly were aware of how sexist, racist and foolish Donald Trump was. Unlike our current elected officials, he’s a little less demure his in problematic behaviour. 


However, I don’t believe generalising all Americans as evil Trump voters is justified. As you may know, Hillary won the popular vote. More Americans voted for her than Trump. But, because of the well established electoral college system, a system I understand why is in place and can’t really be toppled; states rights and all that. Personally, as a independence backing Scot, I really can empathise with the maintaining of regionalism. In my opinion, the term “democratic” is a wide reaching term, which means more than simply majority rule. It is complex and nations have adapted it for their own interpretation. It may be rubbish and lead to the election of Trump like characters, but honestly, it doesn't remove America’s label of being a democratic country, just like the problems of our voting system in our bonny country does the same. 


Already, Trump’s selection of a cabinet has been a shambles. He picked Steve Bannon as his chief of staff, a well known white nationalist, anti-semite and woman hater. However, a little comedic relief was aided to us in the process. There were rumours flying around that the position of Secretary of Education was to going to be handed to Ben Carson, one of Trump’s rivals for the Republican Presidential candidate. Carson is a well known believer in creationism, in my humble opinion, categorically one of the most petrifying values to have if responsible for the curriculum of millions. He also claimed, in a interview, that if Jews had guns, the Holocaust would never have been successful, which did lead me to scratch my head for a while. However, luckily, he rejected the post. But the hilarious bit comes from his reasoning. He claimed that he could not command a government agency, citing his inexperience in the arena. This begs the question, why on earth were you running to command ALL the government agencies, plus be the Commander in Chief and direct foreign relations? Trevor Noah, host of The Daily Show made this excellent point. I throughly recommend you check him out, if not for your mental health; a reminder not everyone is a big fan of Trumpism. 


While excited would be the wrong word, as Politics student, its intriguing to see what foreign policy he’s going to administer. The rejection of Hillary Clinton, as my Nationalist Conflict and International Intervention tutor Jasna Dragovic-Soso said in my seminar, was potentially “a nail in the coffin” for liberal intervention into conflicts. My research into the situation in Ukraine led me to discover their president was counting on a Clinton victory to sort out the crisis in the Crimea, as they were too weak to begin to boss Russia about. What Trump is going to do, if anything, is now a big question. 


But really, the biggest problem about Trump’s victory is that we don’t know what he’s going to do. He could do the things he raved about at his rallies, he could go about grabbing more women by the pussy or he could just be like every other president. He could completely mesh into the status quo. However, the scariest thing about the election of Trump is that people all across America, nearly half, either agreed with his outlandish statements and have consented to them becoming justified. In all honesty, Trump probably isn’t going to build a wall, however there are loads of people who think its a great idea. 

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