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Article 50 hasn’t even been triggered, but the aftermath of the Brexit referendum has been everywhere in politics. From a shift in Prime Minister to reports of increased racist abuse, its all kicking off. The latest Brexit related stress has the headlines. Turns out, Theresa May’s map to leaving the EU is a bit totalitarian, according to The High Court. They ruled a case presented by Gina Miller, a business woman and philanthropist, who argued that there needed a parliamentary vote on the plan. 

It makes sense to me, a lowly third year Politics student, to present it to Parliament to be debated and voted on. My limited knowledge about our tangled constitution tells me The Houses of Parliament are sovereign, not referendums. This seemed to be news to a lot of people. However, due to anecdotal evidence of mine, this is not surprising. Political education is an abysmal, in this country. 

Don't get me wrong, I understand completely why that would be confusing. I only know that all sovereignty in this country stems from Parliament because of my A-Level and degree studies of Politics. This isn’t a rant about the stupidity of the people. but those who really ought to know better; the pro Brexit politicians. They pedalled the line of this verdict was a outrageous affront to the British people. These were people I thought knew a great deal, with good reason because its their jobs to, about the matter of parliamentary sovereignty. Notable confusingly confused figures include David Davis, the Secretary of State for Exiting From the European Union and everyone’s favourite professional bigot Nigel Farage.

These two figures’ pretend surprise to this ruling does not fool me. Davis has served as a member of parliament since 1987. He also attended Harvard, London Business School and University of Warwick. He ain’t stupid. He thinks we all are, however. If he really finds this ruling a miscarriage of justice, surely he needs a refresher of the AS Unit 1 exam syllabus? 

Farage is surfing on the British population’s institutionalised political ignorance. On Sunday the 6th of November, he had a face off with Gina Miller. How she didn’t whack him in the face is a marvel to me. For someone who loves the system at Westminster, which only exists because of the total and utter unfettered power parliament commands, he wanted to make the results of any future referendum binding. Referenda have never been a sovereign force. They have always been advisory. For example, the New Labour attempt to spreading devolved assemblies in the North East ended with an completely ignored referendum result.

Referenda are relatively new, in the British political system. Nigel should, and does know this. He, like in his campaign efforts, is cashing on people’s trust. If you don’t recall seeing what I’m talking about, may I point you to the NHS £350 million pledge bus, which wasn’t either true nor a pledge. Same one the morning after, he declared to be completely untrue. 

However, I hardly think Nigel Farage really gives a hoot about what a 21 year old, who once stuck her nose in AV Dicey’s Law of the Constitution and voted remain, thinks. I’m the embodiment of most of the qualities UKIP loathes. I live in London, was born in France and a woman who never cleans behind the fridge. True story, Godfrey Bloom, the MEP would said women are sluts if they don’’t clean behind the fridge, came to my sixth form to speak the Gov Pol students and said a whole load of things way worse than that. Completely unfounded claims regarding the increase of crime was down to the increase of immigration of Polish people. But that’s just my liberal metropolitan elite bias getting in the way…

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