"A Tale of Two Cities" graphic courtesy of the event Facebook page.

With the start of October came not only an influx of Halloween decorations and a drop in temperatures, but also the beginning of Black History Month. Goldsmiths, as well as the Student Union, have planned a series of events for the month. We’re now halfway through October and a few of these events have already successfully occurred.

These events included a launch event on October 3 and a screening of the 2015 documentary “Black Panthers: Vanguard of the Revolution” on October 12. Also, on October 13, Goldsmiths held a full-day conference called “Challenging the Silence in Higher Education: Race & Racism in the Academy” with the university, the student union, the London School of Economics, and their student union.

While these events might have passed, there are still many more to come. Monday the 17th will see an event called “The Great Debate” taking place, co-hosted by the Student Union, the Afro-Caribbean Society and the Pan-African Society.

“The Great Debate Tour (GDT) is the first and largest national debate forum targeted at cultural communities on university campuses across the UK”, says the event’s Facebook page. “The tour is a celebration of diversity and heritage as well as a forum for powerful, thought provoking discussion. With the help of a panel of experts, university students are encouraged to explore issues that our research indicates is most relevant to the audience”.

The following day on the 18th, The Stretch is hosting “The Tale of Two Cities”, a “celebration of black british music through the ages from the original dub sounds of Mad Professor, to the prophetic poetry of Zena Edwards and the nostalgic short documentaries of Caleb Femi”, according to the event’s Facebook page.

A screening of the film “Talk to Me” is planned for the 19th. The film stars Don Cheadle as Ralph Waldo "Petey" Greene, an iconic radio host and ex-convict who served as a major voice in the black community in the ‘60s.

An interactive session called “Is Politics Racist?” is taking place on October 24, and an “Activism in Sports” event is planned for the 26th. The month wraps up with a Black Youth Discussion Table on the 28th.

The many events planned for Black History Month provide something for everyone, from casual screenings to academic discussions, in the hopes of fostering conversation surrounding the issues of race and ethnicity on campus and around the community. Learn more from the Student Union and the Goldsmiths websites.